Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ten most influential Nigerians for May 2016

The high price of tomatoes and the increase in fuel price seem to have made a lotta people forget how to be in the news. A lot of people even forgot how to follow up on the life of the news makers. *sips zobo* This really made making this list a bit of challenge, but with you eager to read, I am sure covered. So, check out the ten people who rocked their influence game real hard this month. Leave your comments.   

10. Peace Mass Transit : Peace Mass Transit got themselves a bad record for the recent accident one of their cars got involved in. A lot of people have decided to label them the worst transport company in Nigeria, while others blame their drivers for recklessness. May the soul of all that departed in the accident Rest In Peace. #HoldHandsAgain #HHA   

9. Abdullahi Olatoyan : I am seriously taking classes on how to wash car glasses. I have got my suits ready, all designers. Lol. Abdullahi Olatoyan got a CNN mention for dressing up to wash windscreens. And nailed himself a job with Nigerian clothing line, OUCH. Such free jobs.   

8.  Falz, Skales and Tekno : MTN Pulse signed Falz, Skales and Tekno and it got lotta people talking. Personally, I am wondering where Skales came from all of a sudden. Just saying though. The MTN Pulse shady advertisement is wow. They really have started a conversation. And I am waiting for the clap backs, or return shady advertisement from the other network providers. Tele Communication companies adverts suddenly becomes something to anticipate.   

7. Kiss Daniel : Kiss Daniel's new album, 'New Era' hit the number eight spot in Worldwide BillBoard Album chart. Evidently, the guy is taking Nigeria music to the world. I am sure he would hit USA so bad in his tour, they won't know what hit them. Go Kiss Daniel, be making us proud. Laye o.   

6. Omawumi :  If you mean Omawumi well, you would give her a thumbs up for walking out of that interview. In my opinion, she should have walked out earlier than that. How would a journalist come with a lot of rumours that only she heard and yet not verify any of the details. Who follows Omawumi and not know that she's married to Yusuf and not whoever it was the journalist mentioned. I do mean you well Omawumi, go and walk out of every interview that doesn't suit you.   

5. Shey Shay : And that's how some commenters on several blogs have declared Shey Shay as bipolar. Lol. What would you have me believe when Shey Shay claimed Tiwa Savage was like a sister to her  in 2013 and in 2016, she no longer knows Tiwa Savage, personally. Tiwa avoided a question about her, and she decides to go all dramatic, claiming heartbroken and hurt. Did, I mention she signed an endorsement deal with the Samsson group. And that she called Nigerians gullible, perhaps that's why she messed up 'Pack and Go' video, expecting gullible Nigerians to gulp it and give her a thumbs up. Shay Shey itiboribo ti take over.     

4. Toolz Oniru : TSquared finally tie the knots in Dubai. I am very sure Toolz would be the happiest woman on earth now. I am fasting and praying o, cos Nigerians are beginning to think that awedding in Dubai is a divorce warning. Such glamorous wedding, after the traditional marriage that happened few months ago. Who else saw the pictures of the bachelor's night, the dildo and the condoms on display. Happy Married Life dear Toolz Oniru, I am a fan.   

3. Ese Oruru : I am very sure we remember this fourteen year old who was abducted from her home and later found pregnant. Ese, recently put to bed. And that has really got a lot of people talking. This draws us back on the need to protect our children. Our female children needs be in school and not in matrimonial homes. Let's join hands and say, 'No' to child marriage.   

2. Tony Elumelu and street job seekers : Where are all them graduates?  Buy card board paper and stalk the life of Tony Elumelu, you would sure get a job. It started with a PhD holder in River State blaming the government for not giving her job. That inspired the Lekki girl who decided to pull her own stunts and luckily got herself a job promise from Tony Elumelu. Now, I am wondering if carrying card board paper stating your educational qualifications is a new way of writing CV. At least, Nigeria has their own unique job seeking strategy. I am proud of creativity. Hurry and buy card board paper dear graduates, the price may increase soon if care isn't taken. Be wise and secure your 9 to 5 future. 

1. Tiwa Savage : Her crashed marriage of last month lingered till this month. While Shay Shey was trying to get some sympathy from Tiwa Savage, the lady has decided to be unheld by her divorce. She's busy flying first class, flying to the sky, showing off Jam Jam. And I am wondering who wants to eat bread. Lol. Have you met her outfit for TSquared? The girl is painting the streets of Dubia. I am very sure TeeBills would be wishing they were still together. And Edible Catering has got nothing on Tiwa. Go girl!!! 

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