Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Kenneth Nwache on life as a film maker

Kenneth Nwache is one of those young person's taking Nollywood by storm. Regardless of the fact that the industry doesn't seem to provide young and upcoming film makers with much opportunity. Kenneth, a graduate of Theatre and Film Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka started his career in 2012, with the aim of correcting certain issues in the industry and to tell those untold stories about Nigeria. One of his movies, Crime and Justice' proves it all. Succubus is a must watch. Kenneth combines film making with artiste management, and philanthropy. In this exclusive interview, he revealed his inspirations, his plans and the challenges of being a film maker. Have a nice read through...

What inspired your going into film making? : I started making movies since 2012, because there are many issues I wish to correct with motion pictures, some untold stories/histories waiting to be told. That's why I'm here in the movie industry to tell them.

What are the many issues you want to correct in the movie industry? : They are more to movies than mare entertainments, instead of showing Nigeria's weakness in movies, I will show my viewers the strength of Nigeria. We are not called the Giant of Africa for nothing.

Is that to say that you consider the movie industry presently as not telling the Nigeria story the right way? : I never said that, we have great filmmakers in Nigeria worthy of being mentors to the upcoming film maker. What I'm saying is for example, no country's securities should be joked with. There's corruption in every country but instead of portraying our security men as corrupt officers, we should look into the good works they are doing for the country.   

Talking about movie makers that could be mentors, who and who do you look up to? : The film makers I look up to are not in nollywood(not Nigerians) but I respect the likes of Kunle Afolayan, Pascal Amanfo, Ernest Obi, Frank Rajar Arase, Obi Emelonye, Jeta Amata among others.   

What interests you so much about the movie industry? : The fact that I can be a god, a creator.    

What sets a good film maker worthy to be called a god apart from other film makers? : His creativity and the ability to create a realistic world.   

What about film makers and film making do you think people have misconceptions about? : For the film makers, many think they are womanizers, that is not true. For film making, not everyone can be called a god. A pencil and a sketch book is not enough to make someone an artist.   

What challenges do you face as a film maker and how do you handle them? : To make a good movie, both creativity and money is involved. Apart from having the talent, I need investors to carry out each project.   

How willing are people to invest in Nollywood movies? : I'm finding out.   

Which actors or actresses do you hope to work with and why? : Genevieve Nnaji is one of those people, I always have her character in every of my script. Jerry Williams is another character that's always in, Talk about the likes of Chibuike Dim who is not just there as a talented actor, he contributes. The truth is that if I start the count, we won't leave here. The Nigeria movie industry is blessed.   

How do you handle those situations when you seem to run out of ideas and inspiration on how to do your works? : I have never ran out of ideas before. The more you create, the more creative you become that's what creativity is all about.   

Where do you see the Nigeria movie industry in the next ten years? : 10yrs from now, I believe we are going to be far from where we are today.   

What should be expected from you? : Expect good movies, it's going to be slowly but surely.   

Talk about Kenneth Nwache as an artiste Manager : I manage talented artistes who I'm sure will be taking the Nigeria entertainment industry to another level soon, their names would be officially published soon after their trainings.   

And how about your business and philanthropy? : Recently launched Kenneth Nwache's foundation, a non-profit organization that is lending a helping hands to most especially, the less privileges. I want to reach out to the poor, to remind them that they are not alone. That's one of the things that put smiles on my face, I believe in helping people no matter how little.   

How do you get funds for the foundation? : I get the funds from my personal pocket, I found it for now.   

So how do you combine everything? : God can't give you what you cannot keep, with his help and guidance I have laid down plans.   

So with this lots of things in your trolley, what's your daily schedule like? : Always tight that I even find it difficult granting you this interview right now because of the short notice.   

Talk about your relationship : The only relationships I have right now are my family and the entertainment industry.   

You are among those who believe that being in a relationship can deter success or offer distractions? : *laughs*, I'm not please. You can be in a relationship and succeed faster than when you are alone. My case is different, let's just say that I'm currently surrounded with actresses or wanna-be famous kind of ladies and I'm sure my lady is not one.   

So you don't hope to date an actress or someone in limelight? : No   

What's your take on the credibility of movie Awards in Nigeria and in Africa? : They are so many good works in not just in Nigeria but also Africa today so if your effort is recognized, it's a good reason to dream bigger.   

Your words to other budding film makers? : Keep doing good works, always pray hard and work hard.

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