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How to succeed as a model in Nigeria (3)

This is the last part of the 'How to succeed as a model' posts. Starting from general tips on modelling, to list if too modelling agencies. As promised, I am delivering the suggestions of experts on the topic. The opinion expressed in this post is that of the few experts, I sought their opinions. Qalina George who took his timtime to provide tips on being a successful model is a makeup artiste and the CEO of MDJNSQ, a Port Harcourt based modelling agency. Emmanuel Ifegwu is a Fashion stylist and a designer. He had a peep into the modelling profession contesting for Mr. Tourism Nigeria 2015. And of course, models work with designers and stylists. Redwine Eccentric is a music artiste with some modelling experience. And Prince John Onyeme is the Face of Delta State Pageant and he is one stunner on the runway.

Qalina George, Maison De Je Ne Sais Quoi (MDJNSQ)

Few formulas for success in life are not actually that complicated if you think about it. On a serious note, although no one has taken the time to explain it, the formula to becoming a successful model in Nigeria is quite simple. -IT SHOULDN'T BE A SECRET, TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL MODEL IN NIGERIA.     

The formula is quite simple but the process could be complicated. Lets break it down.   

(A) YOUR MODELING PORTFOLIO (BOOK) : One of the reasons why the modeling industry is hard to break into is because the first step is the hardest step. A Model's portfolio is the single most important asset in his/her possession because it determines a model's value. It proves to everyone that you are photogenic and marketable. In a cut-throat in Port Harcourt, it's not good enough to be attractive, you must be attractive on paper. Because it is so important, only the best photos that represent you will do. Get the best photos by booking for quality print jobs and by working with the right agencies.   

(B) WORKING WITH THE RIGHT AGENCIES (MDJNSQ- PORT HARCOURT) : There are some models out there that live with what I call the "I can do it myself" syndrome. Some agencies in Asia call this "Freelancing". Whether it's because of their ego or their desire to keep all the profits for themselves, they refuse to work with agencies. From a professional standpoint, this behavior is silly. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for people who put in the effort and do everything themselves. I started out like that. However, it is just not possible to consistently book reputable and quality jobs without working with an agency.   

(C) IMPROVING YOUR CRAFT : Let's face it, part of being a model is working with an ego and using it to help bring out attributes and personalities that are required for the job. There is nothing wrong with having an ego, as long as its controlled. Unfortunately, it is a problem for some, many models i have worked with have egos the size of mount Everest and flaunt their arrogance everywhere they go. This is not only an issue for their profession but their personal life as well. The reason being, if you think you are the best, then you obviously don't see the need to improve, which is extremely harzadous to your career. Modeling is an art form that is built on skills. In order to get at it, you must be humble and keep an open mind.

Emmanuel Ifegwu 

The Nigeria modelling industry is a tough one and in order to survive you need to get your acts together .  

1. Be humle, nobody wants to work with a model with the attitude of a lead singer. If you are not down to earth you can kiss your career goodbye.

2. You'll need to take your physical appearance very seriously. Don't let the country's harsh weather get to you, that way you get to have a great skin and stand out from the crowd.

3. Slay, not just on the runway. Dress like your life depend on it. I mean who wouldn't want to work with someone that can pull off just any look.

4. Your attitude towards photography matters alot. Embrace versatility, meaning you have to be able to interpret the photographers needs during a shoot this'll definitely get you more jobs  

5. When working, 'don't go and be forming shakara',  give it your all if not you'll be forming Tyra Banks and one ambitious bread seller will run you over career wise.

Aha most importantly will power. You'll need that to be able to wake up by in the morning to be made up or groomed for a show or shoot. Plus a lot of that is required for you to be able to travel from Awka to Lagos for a show or to overcome the humiliation of standing for long periods during an audition and not getting picked at the end.

Redwine Eccentric 

Models are born not made. Nature must have given you all the looks but it takes more than just looks to make it in an industry as fashion. You would therefore need :

1. Technical know how : For you to break into the fashion industry you must know the industry. The dos and don'ts. Without that it would be an aimless journey.

2. Know your niche :  There are various type of modeling and each type requires a particular body size and looks. Do a constructive criticism on your self and know where you fit in. N/B : Stupidly is  when u take a basket to the stream to fetch water. But don't forget the basket is not totally useless. If taken to the farm to fetch yams, it surly will come in handy. So know where your body fits and the type of modeling.

3. Continuous Practice they say makes perfect. you need continue learning from the best in the industry. Learn your act of photograph, catwalk and much more. Always look up to a great model.

4. Attitude : A bad attitude will destroy you even before you start. Respect people's time. And listen carefully don't be too dramatic.

5. Patience should be your watch words. People like working with those who are respectful and patient.

6. Intelligence : Try bring more to the table than just looks. Give ideas but be respectful while on it.

7. Health : When you look healthy and clean you book more jobs. Don't go to a casting smelling of alcohol and smoke.

Prince John Onyeme

Everyone wants to be successful even in the smallest facet of life but to achieve success as a model you would have to be hardworking, have good morals and believe in yourself enough to take risks and make sacrifices. Go online, there are a thousand and one articles and clips that you could use to improve yourself to become a better model. Having all the looks and charms doesn't out weigh your morality so you should always uphold your positive personal ethics and lastly, you should know that it wouldn't be all roses so you have got to believe in yourself and invest in yourself .

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