Thursday, 26 May 2016

Incomparable Jewel by Rosevita Nwoko

Jewels are never easy to come by 
Notwithstanding, it's class it costs 
One a fortune, commonly known ones 
are called precious stones or ornaments. 
They are always treasured due to how beautiful and valuable they are. 
But, they're jewels and there are jewels 
There exist a kind of jewel 
that's incomparable. It's unique 
amongst all. It's a kind, one will ever wish for 
A type that will be treasured to a fault 
cos it might cost one death. 
They're like pearl found inside the shells 
of oysters, valued asI gem 
Can't describe what it looks like; Nor 
diamond that's the most valuable gem ever 
existence can't compete with it's worth. 
This gem is made of my image. It's a bit 
different from what I look like; 
but we're of the same kind.


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