Saturday, 11 March 2017

Nokia : Selling Us Nostalgia Or The New 3310?

Nostalgia Nokia 3310
Nostalgia has worked for brand when they seem to be low on ideas. Will this be same for Nokia and its'iconic Nokia 3310?

It seems our world has climaxed with ideas, and for anti-climax, nostalgia is being sold to us. The Pok√©mon Go break points to that. President Trump campaign slogan, 'Let's make America great again', speaks so much of yesteryears. The movies are bringing it all back with loads of sequel - (Star wars, Beauty and the beast, Spider-Man homecoming, Logan and the list goes on). Now, we all want to reminisce. Nokia wants to play the technology voice of nostalgia, dragging us all home, shortly after returning from its' sojourn to oblivion.  

Do we really need the trip back to phones that can only text, call and play snake? Oh, the new Nokia 3310 is set to be better. A lil grown up, smaller version of our dear bulky Nokia 3310. Oh dear. Biko, phone that can not take selfie, is that one phone?   

With the improvement on the new Nokia 3310, the phone to me is phone for kids yet to be initiated into the instalife and for oldies who care nothing about snapchat. They could make due with the calls, text, radio, and sharing the 'great' pictures the 2mp rear camera would offer.   

But, the pre-order expectations have been exceeded according to reports. Are Nigerians part of the people already placing orders? Who are those buying the phone? Why are they buying the phone? A need to hold on to the new phone and feel the rush that the memory of the old 3310 brings?   

I certainly want to own the new 3310, not because it meets my phone needs. I just want the feel of owning this phone that every aunty and uncle owned. This phone that I couldn't own just because I was but a child when it was the 'it' phone. I want to feel bad some for all the friends I couldn't reach out to, cos I could make newer ones on the go. I just want that feel of nostalgia. Isn't that what Nokia wants with the phone? Selling us our past repackaged. Could they be more?

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