Sunday, 5 March 2017

4 Ways To Pitch Your Boss To Invest In Social Media Marketing

Though a lot of us have profiles on leading social media networks, it still doesn't occur to many of us that social media can boost business. You would be surprised that your CMO or your boss at head of marketing or digital doesn't understand how social media can strengthen overall marketing goals and drive the business forward. This, therefore makes it challenging to pitch for investment in social media marketing and to pass this hurdle, you may want to consider making your boss understand that :

1. Platforms are growing : To score high, you would have to emphasize the scale of Social Media and its growing opportunities. Take for instance, Facebook alone has over 1billion daily active users, and other platforms - Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc are growing at a fast pace. Every business can directly, effectively and cost efficiently reach its current and prospective customers via social media.   Social Media offers business and brands the opportunity to effectively communicate with their target audience, because using social media is taking your product to where the customers ate -  social media. While your boss may still argue that social media is for teenagers, data shows that different age ranges can be reached through  social media. With the increasing purchase power of the younger generation, it is important for marketers to be active on digital channels.  

2. Ad Spend On Digital Marketing Is Increasing : Marketing experts predict that digital ad spend is expected to surpass television ad spend by 2017. To excel in the digital terrain, brands and companies are already shifting ads budgets from the traditional media to digital channels, including social media. A look at the quatrely Facebook earnings prove that companies are seeing how social media can improve customer retention, acquisition and drive revenue growth.   

3. Content Is Bae : Relevant content is the currency of social media marketing. Explaining this to your boss won't come easy. Creating engaging content can lead to business rewards. To master social media marketing, you have to create good contents. Your customers are actively seeking out content from companies like yours, and to succeed, you are expected to publish good content regularly. It's required of Social Media marketers to offer relevant content to their target audience at the right time. This would generate new interactions and foster old interactions. At the end, there is value for the budget.   

4. Social Media Drives Revenue : A marketer shouldn't ignore that social media is now a paid channel. Companies are to invest wisely, so as to stand out, considering the massive competition. So, you have to prove that there would be Return On Investment (ROI). There can only be ROI if social media marketing investments have direct impact on customer acquisition, purchases and brand awareness.   If you manage to convince your boss, there will be need to partner with a social media manager who can help you develop content that will work for your audience, publish these contents at the right time, so as to increase organic reach and impressions, making right decisions about which content to invest in, to get the best possible outcome.   Being able to understand this and explain to your boss will definitely score you high, and you know what that means, *winks*

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