Monday, 13 March 2017

10 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Social media grow business
About 82 percent of small business owners use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest to grow their businesses. This says much about the benefits of social media marketing. Now, if you are still undecided about using social media to market your brand, then let's go through this.

4 Ways To Pitch Your Boss To Invest In Social Media Marketing

1. Social Media Gets Your Words Out: Social Media helps get words out about you and your brand. It gives you massive exposure to your target audience. The social media also helps you create and grow customers and target audience. If you really say the right things, be sure your followers will tell others about you.   

2. Social Media Is Popular: It can only take one living in a cave or in the past not to know about social media. Facebook has about 1.7 billion monthly users worldwide. In Nigeria, about 16 million people are active users of Facebook. This makes Facebook about the best place to begin social media marketing, because of its extensive reach and dynamic functionality.   

3. Social Media Is For All Ages: A 2015 Pew Review Center Study reveal that 65 percent of US adults use social networks. In another research, 52 percent of adults who use the internet have at least 2 social media accounts. Between 2005 and 2015, social media usage amongst people between the ages of 30 and 49 increased from 69 percent to 77 percent. The statistics above, prove that social media should no longer be considered as a play thing for teenagers, but as a marketing tool that can be targeted for various age ranges and demography. 

Ways to grow business with social media
4. Social Media Ads Is Cost Effective: Social media ads is of lower cost than ads on television and other conventional media. The ads are not just inexpensive, but rewarding. With proper ad targeting, Return On Investment (ROI) is guaranteed.   

5. Social Media Facilitates Content Share: Consumers are now quick to come to social media when in need for information concerning any business. So, your business should best utilize this for their benefits. This could be done by creating contents that will keep your customers and target audience up to date about your products, services, and upcoming events. Customers can also see your social media profiles on search engines.   

6. Social Media Users Are Active: I know you probably have that friend who still doesn't understand social media, and isn't an active social media user. But, this doesn't change the fact that billions of people use social media on daily basis. According to an Informate Mobile Intelligence Report, social media users in the US check their social media accounts 17 times daily. A regular customer, at the most can visit your brick and mortar office three times in a week, but on social media, you can feed your target audience and customers a multiple times within a week.   

7. Social Media Promotes Two-way Communication: With the conventional media, you communicate to your target audience or customers, without getting feedback. Or getting the feedback late, if it ever comes. With social media, this is different, feedback is fast. You can have dialogues with your customers and target audience. From this you learn about your audience interests, thoughts and expectations from your business.   

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8.  Social Media Improves Customer Service: With the two-way communication created between you and your customers with social media, you can easily up your customer service game. You can do this by showing customers how much willing you are to provide them the unique experience only your business can offer. With the help of social media, you can attend to all your customers feedback on social media fast, and of course do that 24/7.   

9. Social Media And Your Mail List: Social media can as well aid you in email marketing. You can encourage customers to subscribe to your newsletter from social media, and even share links for such subscription. Sharing your email newsletter across your social media profiles can solve the problem of content.   

10. Social Media Is Everywhere: Many people now use their smart phones to check out their favourite sites. And most of the social media networks have mobile versions of their platforms. This necessitates the need to be on this platforms, as your target customers make their buying decisions on the go and in between chats. Having social media presence makes you just a click away, and you would be surprised how many of your customers were taking shit when you closed deals with them. Lol.   

Before you worry off your head about how to launch your marketing on social media and still have time to deliver, I would suggest you hook up with Social Media Managers. These are experts who are more than willing to help you draw your marketing strategy, and make you the conversions you have been waiting for. Come on, Burst out Africa is here for you. Holler ASAP.


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