Saturday, 27 February 2016

Award categories for UNIZIK Fashion Show and Awards 2016

UNIZIK Fashion Show and Awards 2016 releases award categories for this year's award. With the award categories released, award nominations have commenced and all fashion lovers in UNIZIK are called upon to make their nominations.
The award categories include :

*Best fashion blog

*Next rated fashion blog

*Most fashionable blogger of the year

*Best fashion Photographer

*Next rated fashion photographer

*Most fashionable photography studio

*Best fashion brand

*Best fashion cinematographer

*Next rated fashion cinematographer

*Best fashion graphics designer

*Next rated graphics designer

*Best modelling agency

*Next rated modelling agency

*Best student fashion designer

*Next rated student fashion designer

*Most fashionable faculty in unizik

*Most fashionable department in unizik

*Most fashionable lecturers in Unizik

*Most fashionable student (male&female)

*Most fashionable entertainment brand

*Most fashionable student celebrity

*Most fashionable C.E.O

*Best fashion hair stylist

*Next rated hair stylist

*Most fashionable hair stylist

*Best fashion make up artist

*Next rated makeup artist

*Most fashionable make up artist

*Most fashionable On Air Personality

*Most fashionable event host (male&female)

*Most fashionable music artist

*Most fashionable next rated music artist

*Most fashionable dance artist

*Most fashionable next rated dance artist

*Most fashionable student actor/actress

*Most fashionable next rated student

*Best model (Male&Female)

*Most fashionable model (male&female)

*Next rated model (male&female)

*Fashion entrepreneur of the year

*Next rated fashion entrepreneur

*Most fashionable student comedian

*Most fashionable student Next rated comedian

*Most fashionable student entrepreneur

*Best fashion magazine

*Next rated fashion magazine

*Best fashion stylist

*Next rated fashion stylist

*Most fashionable student TV personality

*Best fashion event

*Outstanding beauty queen of the year

*Outstanding pageant king of the year

*Best fashion outlet

*Most fashionable student pageant king

*Most fashionable student beauty queen

*Best fashion accessories designer

*Next rated fashion accessories

*Fashion Icon of the year.

To nominate kindly text the name of the person you're nominations,  the award category and the person's phone number to 08133933425.

Example: Abimbola, Bestmodel(female), 08176543289 to 08133933425.

Free Nominations has started and would close last week of may 2016.

For more inquiries call 07039801596
BBM 59126FB9
IG @unizikfashionshow_awards

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