Thursday, 11 February 2016

All they wanted...

Nkem was happy when she found that she got admission to study mass communication at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Why wouldn't she be happy for getting admission after staying at home for one year while her besties Onyinye and Nchedo were already in school. Not like Nkem was very interested in the university, but she had no choice than to get a degree for her parents, her father especially. All Nkem wanted was to go to a fashion school and for a privilege to work as an intern with seasoned designers like Ade Bakere, Ituen Basi and Tiffany Amber. Her father would not hear of that. Her father wanted her to study law and become the first female barrister in the family. It took a lot of pressuring from her mother to convince her father to allow her apply for mass communication in JAMB. And to allow her, do a one year intern at Aunty Ikem's tailoring shop within the time she waited for admission. The admission would also cause her to stay away from home during the school period as her parents lives in Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe University is in Awka.  

At school, Dika and Nkem met at Garuba Square in a General study class. The both had come late and had to sit at the back from where they couldn't hear the lecturer whose voice was barely audible. Whereas, Dika was busy playing music and penning down some lines, Nkem was busy making sketches on her note. The sketches that caught Dika's attention. Nkem's sketches were beautiful and contained images of designs for beautiful hippy women, the type of women that Dika likes, the type he later found out Nkem was. Dika started a conversation and before long the both left the class and headed to Coke Centre where they grabbed a meal and got to know each other well. That was the start of a would be long lasting relationship.

Dika was admitted to study political science in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka after attempting JAMB three times, each time applying for medicine. For his last JAMB, he had to apply for political science as advised by a friend and he had to write G.C.E to make papers that would allow him study political science. His father never knew he had applied for political science until the admission list came out. 'The old man', as Dika would call his father had no choice than to let Dika take up studying political science, though grudgingly. All Dika wanted was to leave home, all Dika wanted was to study music and be a musician. Dika desires above nothing than to be the definition of good RnB.   

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