Saturday, 27 May 2017

Facebook : Video Content Production, and Ordering Food From Facebook

Many of us would remember Facebook as a social media network that allows us reconnect to old friends, and meet news friends. Maybe, I could add that the network allows us express our thoughts and get comments and likes for them. But, the share button has stayed with us for too long that we can't even begin to think of Facebook without it. Then, the photo tags, check-ins, feelings, activities, hashtags and so many features that have been added to Facebook over time. One of the most recent and very popular - reactions. We can be wowed by posts; haha posts; feel anger or sad over posts; or even love the post. And then feel thankful for posts (only that's we didn't get to enjoy it for long - Mtcheeew).

Many of us have hit  top scores, or win awards playing our favourite games via Facebook. It has become an addiction for some even. Some of us buy or sell (or both) on Facebook. We all are speedily getting used to some of these features that are add ons to what Facebook was in 2004 and a couple of years back. We can't even begin to think of Facebook without them.

Now, we can wine and dine via Facebook (not literally). How else do I describe being able to order your meal from a near by restaurant while on Facebook. You don't necessarily need to go to the restaurant's Facebook page and you can make payments via Facebook. Thanks to the deal between Facebook and food delivery services and Slice. This feature which is only available to people in the US would most likely be made available to every other part of the world.

And Uncle Zuck is quickly coming on us with Facebook venture into video content production. The Facebook produced and would be aired videos would arrive around summer, based on available information. While, we expect Zuck and his team to focus on the video production, or be at rest, they went ahead to acquire right to stream Major League Baseball. 20 Major League Baseball games to be livestreamed on Facebook.  I'm sure you know that's not the only sports, right?

Facebook is no longer just face book. We are eventually facing everything - sports, games, business, food and videos on Facebook. The question is now, 'what can't we do on Facebook?'. This gets me wondering how the people who aren't on Facebook survive. With Facebook today, we can now raise funds for education expenses; medical bills; medical procedures for pets; public crises relief; personal emergencies; and costs related to deaths of loved ones. We can buy and sell; play games; make payments with zero service charge;  and even order food. Facebook is our newest life, it's a revolution and we must be open to change to make good use of it. Considering that Zuck and his team have new plans for us just every day.

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