Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ten most influential Nigerians for June 2016

What a month June is, not much drama. The economic situation is really placing everyone on energy saving mode. No be person wey get money buy tomatoes cook rice go get strength? Lol. Buhari didn't disappoint Nigeria this month with his ear drama, and Wizkid keeps soaring. That's how some people would stop at nothing just to get attention and Falz be making Nigeria proud. Thanks to Uche Jumbo on her clarification on gender equality, and Queen Alice Ebika for standing up to join the world sickle cell awareness campaign. Please avoid fights with your Boss, cos you may hardly win. Sha, check out which ten people stole the show for this month and drop your comments.   

10. Queen Alice Ebika : On 18 June 2016, Queen Alice Ebika through her platform, The Foundation For Sickle Soldiers ororganized a sickle cell awareness programme to mark world sickle cell awareness day. Queen was invited as a Guest Speaker to the Anambra State Ministry of Health 2016 sickle cell anaemia day. Queen is Miss Tourism Zamfara 2015. She was named among 15 African models to watch out for in 2016 by Xpress Africa Blog and she really is not stoppable.

9. Wizkid : So Wizkid joined Chris Brown on his 'One Hell of a Night' tour. The tour was everything for Wizkid as he was well accepted. Wizkid got on the news again with a mention on Fader Magazine tweet. And his reply to Seyi Shay's claim that he wrote One Dance.   

8. Uche Jumbo/Olori Wuraola : That's how the gender equality issue got woken again with Olori Wuraola saying men and women can never be equal. Sadly, with tons of acclaimed feminist in Nigeria only Uche Jumbo reacted, addressing the difference between gender equality and gender responsibility. The issue stirred the social media with the both (Uche Jumbo and Olori) getting supports and oppositions. I am sure you won't be surprised that 'Mr. I must comment on everything and anything', Freeze weighed in on this, giving support to Olori.   

7. Abdullahi Olatoyan/OUCH : And that's how Uche Nnaji, OUCH Boss came acting as a modern day fairy godfather, making us feel Abdullahi Olatoyan, the suit and tie windscreens cleaner has arrived. Just when I was kitted up for my debut suit and tie windscreens cleaning job, waiting for my godfather did I read Abdullahi's frustrations with the job he was offered at OUCH, and how he was almost treated like a slave. My dear, I retreated. I can't deal, I just can't.   

6. Kemi Omololu Olunloyo/Dayo Amusa : That's how Henrietta Kosoko, the wife of veteran actor, Jide Kosoko passed and Kemi (Madam HNN) and actress Dayo Amusa decides to weigh in on it to get themselves more followership. Can someone explain to me why wizard hunting Kemi should accuse Jide Kosoko of rituals. And who invited Dayo into the matter, what were her stakes? Is Dayo really a conspirator to the ritual as claimed by Kemi? Biko, is Kemi's investigate journalism practice supposed to end in her seeking attention with irrational rants? #puzzled   

5. Falz : What else can Falz ask for this year? AMVCA and BET Awards in one year. Falz bagging a BET Awards as the only Nigerian who did for this year has placed him as one artiste to watch out for. To think that the category was introduced this year and Falz became the debut winner. An enviable fit. Falz is currently touring the UK and we are 'hexpecting' his 'Electric Package' (EP) with Simi. Though his music started getting much attention sometime last year, Falz has proven that he came to slay and stay.   

4. Skales and Runtown : So Skales thinks he has arrived because he got MTN Pulse endorsement. Lol. Having issues with his label, o di okay o. Runtown travelling from Lagos to Kampala decides to beef his own label too. Issorait. Like they planned it, cos it both happened concurrently. That's how rats will be challenging cats for a duel. I seriously don't subscribe to the idea of artistes fighting with their labels, mostly when their successes is solely tied to the labels.     

3. Stephen Keshi /OJB : Our dear country had her fair share of loses this month. The demise of former Super Eagle player and coach, Stephen Keshi and the ace music producer OJB seem to have got more attention. Keshi's death came as a surprise and has been linked to heart attack following the loss of his wife. OJB passed a few days to his 50th birthday after battling kidney failure for a long while. The both death shook Nigeria. May their gentle souls Rest in Peace.   

2. Kano killing : It's really a bad one that jungle justice is one thing that still happens in Nigeria. It's even worse when it happens under the pretensions of religion. More saddening when people support this regardless of how terrible the act is. Isn't it high time we all stood against inhumanity in the guise of religion?   

1. President Buhari : And that was how the President's ten days vacation became something everyone has an opinion about. It wasn't enough that he was going to get health care for his ear. He became the target of so many memes and was called deaf. Whatever anyone complain is, my own is that I don't understand what our medicine students are doing hin school if they cannot treat our President. And annoyingly, efforts are made to extend their years in school, to what end? When lotta money get pumped into the health sector and yet our leaders travel out of the country for health care. Doesn't it sound like Nigeria hospitals are death traps? And the commoners are for experiments? 

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