Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Ten most influential Nigerians for March 2016

The drama of March 2016 is like no other. Though the drama didn't start early in the month, it got very interesting later in the month. Whereas, some people were busy rocking the red carpets, others were 'sniffing cocaine' in the studio while causing emotional blackmail. Dubai saw some others and thank God for media stunts. I really hope to hear your opinion about the list, at least that's why there's a comment box. You won't believe who hit the number one spot.

10. Olajumoke Orisaguna : What ever it is that she is doing to get all the favour, she should continue. Though she may not have gotten many endorsements as she did last month, she managed to be the most googled name in Nigeria for March. Such record breaking. Let me do and finish my B.Sc, so that I can start my bread hawking business. Really, Jumoke has got herself a role model. I would dutifully follow in her steps, hawk breads only where she did, till  my own 'TY Bello' discovers me. Lol. So, that I can start appearing on ads for church programmes.   

9. Linda Ikeji : This list would be incomplete if she isn't in it. She runs the most popular blog in Nigeria and Africa, a blog a lot of people would choose over their religions' holy book. It feels like a sin not checking the blog out every time of the day. For whatever reasons, I didn't visit her blog much recently, but thanks for the recent past Easter, my sins have been washed. Who else kept a tab on her and her recent vacation to Dubai? I really wouldn't have minded tagging along, even if, it's to play an Abdul role for her. Lol. And her 'I'd rather be self made' programme, which is her way of giving back to the society.

8.  Mercy Aigbe : If looking for a P.A would get people such attention, then I would forever be looking for a P.A. Lol. I am a big fan of what she does with clothes. She did #slay at AMVCA, she was best dressed for the award night as far as many fashion lovers and fashion bloggers were concerned. Sales of the material used in making her dress to the award night increased. But, This Day knew better than to include her in their list of best dressed for the award night. Their credibility was questioned, Mercy and her fans never wanted to allow it slide. Drama!

7.  Ayodele Daniel Dada : *In Freeze' voice* I can now boldly say that Nigerians do not misplace priority. When I was thinking his popularity reign was over, it just began. Now, it's a hop to House of Representatives to interviews with media houses and meetings with prominent men. I have tie my girdle, I am coming with my 5.0 CGPA. Ayodele said he never had a girlfriend through out his stay in the university, and I am wondering if girls date nerds. Good celibate hunting, I would say to him. Thanks to premier soaps and vaseline, saving lifes since before my birth. Lol.

6. Ese Oruru : The abduction of Ese, fourteen years old Ijaw girl was one news story that gained attention this month. For some reasons I was greatly pained. And Ese pregnancy was heartbreaking too. I understand that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, but such orientations are wrong and should really be treated and punished gravely. Now, our representatives have thrown the parity bill away. They should, with the executive arm of the government sit up on the fight against human trafficking, child abuse and child marriage. Our female children need education not sex, they need care and love and not the responsibility of running a home and being mother to their fellow children.   

5. Yemi Alade : Young Mama Africa, ho ha. And she shut South Africa down for her birthday celebration. Then came her second album, and she started topping charts. The music video of Ferrari had 40,000 views within 24 hours. The album generally has been 'slaying' on charts, topping the iTunes Nigeria album and iTunes Africa  Album charts. The album also appeared #13 on iTunes France Albums chart, #22 on iTunes Germany Albums chart and #4 on iTunes World Album chart. Now, her Mama Africa position is undisputable. And 10 percent of the album proceeds is going to charity.

4. Ibinabo Fiberesima : If her first son could claim not knowing she was a celebrity till he was fourteen, I wouldn't find it hard to believe that her village people never knew until recently. Trust step grandmas, and how they can hunt your life when they eventually know that you are more successful than they thought. Lol. Sins of the past, chai!!! I finished primary school, the year the accident happened o, eleven years gone and our dear Fiberesima would be jailed for an accident that could have happened to anyone. No one seem to be listening to her cancer situation plea. Bikonu, who ever has a loud voice should shout that we prefer Fiberesima to Barabbas.

3. Oresegun Olumide : They were just too real to have been paintings. They flooded my Facebook, I saved and saved them, shared and shared them. But, it seemed he had loads. Lotta people kept talking, calling it juju. Hail to my Nigeria brethren who would never believe good come from Nigeria. People like Chijioke Anyacho took to making a pen drawing of one of the pictures to prove that it was as real as real. CNN saw good in Nigeria in one of those rare cases. Olumide became the talk of the time. Greetings to those who assume the work to be inappropriate, as they were paintings of nude children, I can only say that those people should erase their memories of bathing outside as children.  

2. Paul Okoye : The media stunt the Psquare duo started last month took a different slant this month. Paul came with an emotional blackmail trying to play the innocent, asking us to call heaven, as if he left heaven's number with someone. Biko, I need that number, gast call some peeps over there. While I was busy laughing at how Paul cries, a commenter on one of the social media platforms accused him of 'sniffing cocaine' while on the song. Lol. And after the whole drama, getting girls with no worries *in Linda Ikeji's words* to cry for them, they suddenly realised that family comes first. Akuko Mike Ejeagha.     

1. Peter Okoye : He was busy playing the role of the aggrieved, the cheated, the deceived. Ranting on social media and the interview with netng.com. Eeeiyaaa, my heart really goes out to him. And after the whole vexation and 'paraing', he suddenly realised it's family over nothing. O di egwu. At least their popularity has increased, people been playing loads of their old songs in memory of them.

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