Saturday, 30 January 2016

Ghanaian model Alexander Daad Ahouden on modelling profession

Modelling is one profession that has been getting much attention in Nigeria, Ghana and the whole of Africa. It has been a source of livelihood to a lot of people, that a lot of people feel cool in some kinda way, being addressed or regarded as a model. In this exclusive interview, 24 years old Ghanaian model Alexander Kofi Donkor popularly known as Ahouden reveals what it takes to be a model, accepts that he desires to go into fashion designing like most other models. Ahuoden, is a graduate of Development Education and is presently combining modelling with his national service. He was first runner-up Mr. Model Ghana Competition. I am sure you would have fun going through this interview and learning all you can about modelling. Enjoy...

Why did you decide to go into modelling? : I have always loved fashion and photography, the only way i could explore this interest is through modelling, so I picked an audition form to compete for the Mr. Model Ghana Competition. I was the 1st runner up in the competition and I'm being represented by Fame Model Management. It was a great platform to start my modelling career.   

When did it occur to you that you would be a model and how did you go about it? : Like I said earlier, it has always been my interest when I was a small boy. I grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself by way of a model competition.   

How does it make you feel as a model knowing that modelling is not a lifetime job? : I am trying to make the best out of it now and I also have the intensions of bringing my own designs out in the near future to stay relevant in the industry even if I stop modelling.

How has being a model changed or affected your life? : To be a top model, one has to be confident at all times, discipline, creative, open-minded, have skills for good communication and human relationship, as a model relates with people from different background. I think modelling has affected me positively in all this aspects of my life.   

What do you think about the idea that to make it as a model, one either pays or sleeps his way to the top? : The journey hasn't been easy in the industry. Like every other job, there are negative and uncomfortable situation one finds himself but with determination one can make it to the top.   

What efforts do you put in to your job as a model that one who is not a model wouldn't know? : I have invested much time, money and given dedication to my job. Getting a photographer to shoot professional pictures involves a lot of money. Sometimes I pay a lot of transportation fare just to get to an audition venue. I always have to keep my body in shape by gyming and I also stay away from alcohol and smoking. 

What do you think is the reason behind Ghana, and Africa as a whole, sudden embrace of the modelling profession? : Most people are getting to understand the arts and fashion industry in Ghana and Africa as a whole, a lot of models are needed to showcase these arts and fashion, thereby creating job opportunities for models.


What is the future of modelling as a profession in Ghana and Africa? : I think the future is great. There are rooms for improvement and I'm sure little by little we are getting there. Modelling is here and it is here to stay.  

What else do you do aside modelling and how do you combine the both? : I am a national service personnel in Accra. My boss knows my modelling profession and allow me to go for auditions and shows anytime I inform her.   

At what point would you decide to quit modelling? : I can not really tell when I am going to quit, but, I believe when the time is right I will quit.   

What plans do you have for this year? : This year i hope to get more and bigger contracts that will take me places and put me on the international scenes.   

What is it about Alexander Daad Ahouden that your fans and followers don't already know? : I am a free spirited, open-minded indiviual and I joke a lot.

What advice would you give to younger models and aspiring models? : My advice to all aspiring models is not to lose hope or give up, but continue to push forward. With decipline, determination and perseverance one will get there.


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