Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Up and Coming: Zunex Makeover

Zunex Makeover is the place to call when you need a perfect make up touch. The makeup house is owned by Uche Ezeudu, a university student who also is a writer, unpublished though. It was a great privilege to bring to you this exclusive interview with this up coming make up artist cum writer. ENJOY!!!


Tell us about your self: My name is Uche Ezeudu and I’m a 300level student of Mass Communication, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. I’m from Anambra State though based in Lagos. I’m a writer (Unpublished for now) and I’m a makeup artist also.

How long have you been a makeup artist? : Not long, say nine months now. You can call me a grown baby in makeup artistry.

How did you start? : I got fascinated by the beautiful faces I see on TV, made up faces on magazines, so I decided to actually go into the art of makeup, fuelled by this decision, I decided to learn makeup.

What has been your greatest challenge so far? : My greatest challenge so far has been commuting to far areas where my services are needed.

What are your greatest achievements? : By God’s grace, I have achieved a lot. I’ve learnt a lot on the job. For pageantries, those that I’ve made up have been winning and people love what I do with their faces, all thanks to God.

What are your motivations? : My motivations have been to be a popular brand name like Omoge Adumaradan, Dazeita Makeover etc.

Your role models? : My role models are Jennifer Olaleye, Kiru Taye.

What else if you weren’t a makeup artist? : If I wasn’t a makeup artist, I would be a Fashion Designer.

How do you combine your work as a makeup artist with your academics? : Believe me, it’s not been easy but God has been faithful to me. I’ve just had to make out more time for my academics and sometimes reject jobs.

Do you have plans to continue after school? : Yes, I have big plans to continue as a makeup artist. I have to leave my mark in this world.

What are your plans for the future? : My plans are to be an established writer cum makeup artist. I also plan to bring these two abilities to a page.

You can contact Uche Ezeudu on Facebook : Uche Ezeudu
                                                      Instagram: Mz_ines
                                                      Whatsapp: 07084969129

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