Sunday, 29 December 2013

Don't drink Fanta anymore

This morning while I did my laundry,a neighbour came and sat close to where I was.I didn't see her come with a can of fanta.But I saw her open one.

As she drank of it and I in want of things to talk to her about.I asked her how much she got the drink.She told me it was given to her from where she bought recharge card a few minutes before she came to join me.

My throat had gone into the canned fanta.And perhaps that was the reason I asked about the drink's price.I felt like snatching it from her.Even when I know I wouldn't .

I remembered I haven't seen her drink fanta before.And how she have made me drink coke instead of fanta within the four months we have known each other.

Instead of snatching the drink.I asked her when she started drinking fanta.She told me she collected it because it was a gift.And then told me a story.

She told me the story of a dream she once had.She told me of how someone had given him a bottle of fanta in the dream.And another someone came and warned her not to drink the fanta.And never to drink fanta again in her life.

I laughed out loud.Very loud.And queried  her on how long that has been."It's been long o,it's been up to a year,a year plus",she said.I laughed more."And you have never taken fanta since then?",I asked still laughing."And before then it was fanta or nothing",she said.

I laughed harder this time.I was about telling her that I forget my dreams as soon as I wake up from them when her attention was called by another neighbour.

I can't even remember the last time I had a dream.I know that her kind of dream won't make me not to drink fanta.I would have taken fanta the day after the dream.In the evening.When everybody will be at home so that I can tell everybody my dream.And laugh over it.My mum will so laugh.My immediate younger sister will laugh the most.But that is if I remember that I dreamt that kind of dream.

I began to think of what people make out of dreams.What the reactions of some of the people I know will be if they have her dream.

Was a message passed to her?Was there something about fanta that will kill her?Will she face danger now that she have taken fanta?I asked myself in real want of answers.

I thought of Joseph.His dreams came true.His dreams were meaningful.Then dreams say something to us I thought.

Is this the reasons for men of God 'binding and casting' when people tell them of eating in the dream?Is this why they 'delivered' when people talk of having sex in the dream.

I was still thinking when my neighbour's steps jerked me up.I was still washing.I have a blue t-shirt in between my hands.I rushed through my washing.

And walked into the house hoping to seek my siblings view.Nobody was in.When did they all leave?No one to tell my story then.So I typed.Hoping to get answers on if I should also no longer drink fanta.


  1. I drink whatevr I like, whenever I want.. except alcohol which I drink on rare occasions..

  2. Hmmmnn.And you will still drink fanta even if you were my neighbour.Don't dreams say something to you.Or you choose to neglect them.