Tuesday, 7 March 2017

4 Ways to Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself
The desire to get better is one of the strongest human desires. We want to be better than everyone around us (I don't know how best to measure that still). We want to be better than we were yesterday, last week, a month ago, last year. Not many of us manages to get better, a lot remain stagnant, only few keeps getting better and better. This then leaves the question of how the rest would have to also improve on themselves and be better than they were. It all boils down to investing on one's self. Let's see how.

Learn how to make great impression

1. Read : I'm sorry if that's me sounding like any of your secondary school teachers or one of your university lecturers. Don't go yet. I wouldn't nag you. But, I will still tell you to read. You just have to read. I know reading could be boring. Looking at the ceiling becomes suddenly interesting whenever there is a book to read. The love for sleep becomes overwhelming. Copy that. I could go on and on. But, you just have to read. Especially, in this era where reading is becoming more interesting and easier to do. There are audiobooks and videobooks which you can read on the go. Come on, everyone writes on Facebook and IG. You never thought one could read something meaningful from Facebook posts and IG captions. You must be following the wrong people. Well, Ade Love publishes interesting short stories on their Facebook page, Strive Masiyiwa keeps writing about businesses on his page. Mute Efe dishes out Self development tips. If reading a book is your fear, head to social media and search for influencers on anything that interests you, you would be amazed at the much they have written on those and how you can have fun reading without knowing that you are. But, I think you should still try to read books. Try ebooks,   
2. Be at Events : Iya Michael gbegiri sha sweet, but there are other events asides owambe. There are lots of events happening now in Nigeria from which you can learn. Talk about Social Media Marketing, Photography, Growing SMEs, and events in different areas.  Google up, ask questions, find out about events and seminars on areas that you want to improve on, plan to attend and then be there. Asides, the things you learn from the events, you have the opportunity to meet up with people.   
3. Learn a Skill : Learn a skill that is different from your job. Learn something new and exciting. What other areas asides your job do you have interest in? Try, learn the necessary skills. Try classes on graphics designing, web designing, digital marketing, photography and some other skills that are relevant in 2017. Acquiring such skills can help you create additional stream of income. You can take courses online or go for offline classes. Just, get that additional skill, it hurts nobody.   
4. Be  a Part of Something : What do you do with your free time? What do you do when you are free? Be part of something that makes life a better place. It may be a WhatsApp group where members teach one another and share knowledge. You may register for a Cancer Awareness Campaign, Volunteer to an NGO. How about teaching children in IDPs a skill? Join a group or community that reaches out to people or allows you to develop yourself. You may consider a book club. Just be part of something. The commitments you make is an investment in yourself.   
To invest in yourself in 2017, you must be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn. So be open to knowledge. Meanwhile, put up your own suggestions on the comment box or just recount your experience to self investment. Oshey.


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