Tuesday, 1 November 2016

6 Ways To Make Better Impressions

Make Good Impression
You walk out of the bank, you just made an impression to the bank teller and she must have made an impression. You are thinking that she's a nice person. Yet, you think the dude with whom you argued this morning is a jerk. The new cleaner in your office hasn't said more than good morning to you, but you already have an opinion about him. You are busy analysing people and passing judgement about them. And those people have opinions about you too. Impression. That is it, impression.

As we go about our daily lives we make series of impressions, some consciously or unconsciously. And I am sure you are familiar with the construct, 'first impression matters'. Whether you think so or not, it does, and the sad news is that sometimes we never get the opportunity to make better impressions than the first we made. This gives the reason for which you must make efforts to make good and lasting impressions.   You may like to consider these suggestions. 

1. Smile : You are never fully dressed without a smile they say. I am very sure you remember that Auntie you love so much because of her smile. One hardly go wrong wearing a smile. A smile can portray you as confident, and nice even when you are the opposites. You may want to excuse yourself for naturally never being a smiling person, well, why that would make you feel good, I would risk your good feeling on the altar of telling you that you can learn how to smile. My top secret, I practice smiling everyday before my mirror. "Simply smiling can be one of the best ways to make a good impression on anyone. If you enter a situation without one, it could put a negative impression on a potentially difficult situation. And smiling just makes you feel happier and releases bad emotions." —John Rampton, JohnRampton.com 

2. Be Present : Don't allow your mind wallow. Be with your mind. I understand you are very busy and can't wait to read everything about Chidinma Okeke, you want to know the exact 'sumtin' Iyanya and Don Jazzy are up to. You just can't wait to join the argument on how right or wrong Sam Adeyemi is about his tweet on mental illness. But, you are not alone on that. The person you are with is definitely missing out on all those gists and would probably want to join in the conversation. But if the person can take out time to converse with you. The least you can do is be fully present and involved.   

3. Be Punctual : You can't be on time and be wrong. Not in this era where everyone seem to be on the go and super busy. If you have waited for someone for a minute, you would stop believing that time flies. The one minute must have felt like forever. Imagine, what kind of frustration you serve people on a gold platter when you make them wait. People value their time more than you can imagine, wasting a second of people's time takes some charm from you.   

4. Be Authentic : Be yourself, be original.  We hear those everyday. Do we really consider being authentic important? I don't need to know you for a long time to know you are not yourself. Don't be too drunk with making a good impression that you start to be what you think I want you to be. As much as I want you to make a good impression, I want to feel you and your soul. You don't want to leave me feeling like you were forming, that's no good.   

5. Be Confident : Confidence in your composure and in your non-verbal communication. Knowledge makes us confident, a reason for which to read vastly. You wouldn't be creating a good impression, when there's an intelligent conversation and you don't have anything good to say. You have to read and be informed, to boost your confidence, so that you can converse smartly. And the non-verbal communication, you have to pay attention to. . Make eye contact, be relaxed, sit right, don't rush through your talk.

6. Have some warmth : You won't make a good impression when you make people feel you were punished into accepting their greeting or having conversations with them. I understand you think your Boss is giving you too much work by asking you to close this deal. But, you would only scratch the deal, if I am left feeling unwanted with you. You have to make people feel at home with you. You have to exude warmth and show some interest in the persons you meet and what they have to say.   

A good impression can last longer than you ever imagined. You may have your own suggestions on how we can make better impressions, feel free to share. 

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