Sunday, 16 October 2016

6 Ways To Improve Your Memory

My friend Bryan describes being forgetful as not having retentive memory, while Joel describes it as having amnesia. One of my Lecturers in the University will tell you that she has the right to forget, each time you confront her for forgetting to do the things she said she would do. Amnesia is more than being forgetful, and as much as we reserve the right to be forgetful, it still doesn't leave us feeling right. Remember, the frustrations that come from not knowing where you kept your car keys, or not remembering how you saved the number of someone you met recently. You can imagine the harm this could do to your productivity, having to be late, not calling this person even when there's the need. I am sure you want to get off the web of regular forgetfulness, then you have to consider the following :  

1. Be mentally active : Being a gym rat or keeping all the diet rules with a forgetful brain won't leave you as attractive as you would want. Come on, no one wants to be with a hunk or a beauty who forgets birthdays, anniversaries, and where the car keys are. And you are not hiring material, if you would forget the name of your Boss' friend before she was done with the introductions. So, do yourself some world of good and stay mentally active. Read newspapers, magazines, check out the crosswords, the puzzles, play scrabble. Just make sure you learn something new as often as you can. The more mentally active you are, the more you are likely to remember.  

2. Socialize right : If you were meant to be an island, you would have been Victoria or Banana, (Lol - Victoria and Banana are the most popular Islands in Nigeria), but since you ain't any of those, feel free to socialize. Socialize doesn't mean stick to only people that share your interests. Meeting with people with different interests can improve your memory, so go out there and start meeting people.  

3. Be organized : I have stayed in an unorganized room, with things at the wrong places to know that it contributes to forgetfulness. You don't have to fling the innocent suit, just a little more discipline and the plates will no longer be on the dining table. Have a checklist, keep notes, have a journal, write a to-do list. Have specific places for essentials - car keys, toothbrushes, phones, remotes and so on.  

4. Focus : Multi tasking could be great, but not when you wear your brain off at it. Do one thing at a time. If you must multi task, take on only about the number of tasks your brain can work on at a given time.  

5. Be physically fit : Exercise doesn't just stimulate respiration, it does your brain right. Research suggests that an adult should at least engage in 150 minutes of moderate aerobics weekly.  

6. Eat Healthy : Your brain is sharpened by your diet. So, eat right and healthy. Increase your intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat protein, and water. Alcohol and other drugs can increase memory loss, so check that too.  

Drop a comment if you found interesting or helpful, and suggestions of further areas to explore would be great.

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