Friday, 7 October 2016

6 Oil to use for your hair

Certain times, the hair doesn't get enough attention as it should when fashion talks hold. And even when the hair is paid any attention, it seems as though women are the only ones allowed to have hair. Lol. I bring to 6 oil and natural products you can use to take care of your hair. Oil of course, you already know makes the hair shine and makes it easier to comb.  Consider using any of these five oil type and do thank me later.

1. Coconut oil : This is one oil, you can easily make at home. Maybe, we would talk about how to do that much later. For now, just walk into your trusted cosmetic shop and purchase coconut oil and you'll be glad you did. Coconut oil nourishes your hair helping it have a beautiful shine. So, if you are looking for a shiny nourished hair, coconut oil it is.   

2. Castor oil : This oil serves as a conditioner. It can be used in treating dandruff. If you have itching scalps or any form of irritation, castor oil is to be considered. Castor oil helps thicken your hair too.   

3. Rosemary oil : You read right, rosemary, I am sure you are thinking of the spice, lol. Use rosemary oil if you are looking for hair growth. The oil stimulates the hair follicles, resulting to hair growth. It can serve or do almost same thing as shampoo, it's actually used in making most shampoo.   

4. Peppermint oil : This oil has great antiseptic, regenerative and stimulating properties that can improve the health of your hair.   

5. Argan oil : This oil is derived from argan, the oil helps to smoothen your hair.   

6. Olive oil : Goya oil on your mind, I guess. Lol. Well, the oil doesn't just serve to chase evil, witches and wizard, it can soften your hair, make it shiny and can be used as anti-dandruff.   

Don't go breaking your bank trying to acquire all of them. Consider your hair requirements, and know exactly which oil to use. Don't forget to leave your comments  mostly if you find this helpful in any way. 

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