Sunday, 23 October 2016

4 Ways To Make Decisions With Confidence

If you are me, then you really are indecisive. Sometimes, I wonder how I ever get to do anything at all, considering that I find it difficult deciding on the simplest of things - what to eat, what to wear, what offer to take and the list goes on and on.   

Making the right decision is as important as the air we breathe. Making small decisions is as important as making life-changing decisions. It's still the same process of figuring out the available options and choosing from one of them based on some criteria.   

Decision making can be stressful, but with a good strategy, you can make sound choices confidently. Emphasis on confidence, nothing hurts as feelng so unsure and restless after making decisions. Let's look at this few suggestions I came up with, as always your suggestions are most welcome.   

1. Why are you making the decision? : Have you bothered to ask why you have to decide? You have to be clear, you have to gain clarity as to why you are having to make a decision in the first place.   

2. What results do you expect? : When stuck with a hard decision, think of the results you expect. Think about what you want to gain or achieve at the end. Identify the end results and never lose focus on it.  

3. What options are available? : I am sure you know that there is a cost for every option you leave. When you eat rice in stead of beans, the satisfaction derived from eating beans and the nutrients gain is the cost. Here, the decision isn't about what to eat, but decisions that can change your life, decisions about your career path, or proposals. Now, you have to figure everything out, you have to know all the variables, the factors and just about everything. You have to pay the price of getting all necessary information about your options, or pay a higher price of dealing with a wrong choice.   

4. Do you have a value system? : What informs your choices? Are you suddenly becoming sentimental about your decisions? Are your choices affected by old experiences? Do your choices have political undertones? Don't forget who you are. Don't forget where you are from and what you stand for. Don't get pressured. Make informed decisions.

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