Thursday, 1 September 2016

Join the beard gang

Beards are seen to represent masculinity. Some believe beards highlight the handsomeness of the male. Beards are however wonderful to keep, if one can do the maintenance job, otherwise, the one would look like a tenant in Yaba left. Lol. Beards since last year especially have just moved from that which brings the manliness of the man, to an accessory, a fashion piece that every fashion forward dude should possess. Perhaps, that's why all the guys have joined 'beard' gang. Lol.  

The new craze for beards doesn't still make men look short of fashionable when they don't have beards. Come on, not every dude have the rapid beard producing body system. I don't have beards, I don't even look like I'm going to be bearded anytime soon. Lol. While the beard gang is the gang to join,a lotta guys don't know how to go through the beard gang initiation rites. Hence, some keep off, rather beardless than have an unkempt beard. Some really ain't doing their beards right, the type of dudes I wanna sue their asses.   

While at the suing, let me save some other blokes the experience of being dragged in court for poorly maintaining their beards, with these tips on how to rep the beard gang. Before I continue with the tips, drop your comments if you find helpful and feel free to add your own tips if you have any.   

So to join the beard gang, bruv, you have to start with:

Shaving ya beard: I would assume you have some beard already and you are looking at making the beard grow better and look great. How about make a little sacrifice of shaving the beard you have presentl? Now, you are wondering if I really know what you want. Take a chill and trust me through this, the idea behind your shaving the beard is to allow the beards grow evenly. You definitely don't want some parts longer than the other parts. So, do yourself and your beard some world of good and shave the beards and allow the hair regrow and have an opportunity to grow evenly.   

Determine the right shape: I would assume that the hair would grow after the shave, while the hair starts growing, it would be sensible to aid the beard grow into the right shape. All you need do is determine the shape you want the beard grow into. As the hair grows, it would be ideal for you to allow the hair under your chin to grow, so as to keep your cheeks tight while the undergrowth hair develops some more.   

Trim with precision: To help the beard grow in the right shape as you have determined you want it to, do well to do some trimming, and while you trim, do that with some precision. Real precision. If you can't do your trimming by yourself, it won't hurt to ask for the services of a good stylist. It's sure worth it, or would be worth it. It's your beard and it definitely deserves as much care as you give every other hair you have got.   

Use good beard products: Some people never knew that some beard products can be used for the beards. Guy, there are a couple of beard products that can give you the it beard look. Consider getting a beard wash, beard oil,  beard balm, moustache wax and comb. You are sure wondering what all or some of these beard products does. Starting with the comb, you evidently know that it's for combing the beard and having it in the right shape. Don't comb too much, it may not do your beard as much good as you think it would. Running the comb, two or three times over your beard is good enough. Don't go combing your combing skills with your beard. Lol.   

The moustache wax helps you keep your moustache in place, particularly if they are being stubborn. Beard balm and oil does something similar to your beard. Putting the man thing in place and in shape. It's much more useful if you have longer beards. The beard oil specifically helps keep your beard soft, moisturized, and less coarse. It gives your beard a nice sheen. This is about the most important beard product you should have.   

A beard wash works like shampoo. A little drop of it on your beard foams and help you get a good beard wash, making the combing of your beard smoother, helping you style or shape the beard better.   

Don't forget to check the content of the beard products you use before making purchases. Beard products rich in natural ingredients are healthier and much better. And do tell me how useful this piece is to you.

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