Monday, 15 August 2016

How to write an effective to-do list

It's me writing cos I have been in those situations where I seem to forget those things I planned to do in a day. Over time, I have come to learn that using a to-do list helps me avoid such situations. Now, I know how to write a to do list, and I thought it would be nice to share the tips with you. Thank me later. Of course, I believe that at some points in your busy life, you forget very important things to do. You and I know this affects your productivity, which affects your reputation. You get frustrated at some points. This challenge leaves you with the need to make to-do lists.

For the benefit of doubt, a to-do list is a simple list of quality things you need to do prioritized in the order that you need to do them. It helps you keep track of your time, tasks and commitment. A to-do list helps you afford stress associated with worrying about remembering everything you need to do. Once, the things you intend to do is written out, you just need to look at your list. You can also break down the big task ahead of you into smaller tasks with the help of your to-do list. This saves you from being overwhelmed with tasks and running the risk of forgetting important tasks.   

With the need for writing to-do lists established, how to go about writing one becomes the challenge. Let's check out these steps and don't forget to give feedback in the comments box, if you find useful, you can as well add your own tips if you have any.   

To write an effective to do list, consider the tasks ahead. If the task is a large task, break it down into smaller tasks or steps that would lead to the completion of the big task. Mind you the smaller tasks would be better if they aren't tasks that would exceed one to two hours of your time. Let's take an example : You have a large task of hosting a couple of friends, you have to figure out all the steps you need to take to be able to host your friends. At the end tasks like the following may emerge : cleaning the whole house; getting foodstuff to cook; cooking. Now you have three small tasks from the big tasks. If you do not split the tasks you may end up forgetting one of them or skipping one.   

While you write the list, list out all the things you want to do and itemize them in the order of importance using the letters 'A, B, C, D...'. After the itemization, you arrange serially.   

At the end of the day, take about 5 to 10 minutes to look at your to do list, checking what you have done and what you haven't done, to see what you move over to the next day. This is an effective way to stay on top of your tasks and responsibilities. This would help you evaluate properly what you can achieve in a day. Have in mind that the best time to write a to-do list is the day before.

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