Thursday, 30 July 2015

That was how it happened

I felt satisfied afterwards, with the kind of smile I have never worn before, on my face. It took me the whole exercise to realize that I was hungry and that I had the door ajar.

At 21, being a virgin was one of the things I didn’t like saying that I am. Anything to insinuate that among the guys makes me the butt of the joke. And among the gals, I get some asking to give me the break-the-virginity-ride.

Seriously I have my ways with the girls. Many of them enjoy my company and really wish I could do them. I have got kissed severally, of course, I have touched breasts. How wouldn’t I? When I attend the birthday parties of all my coursemates who throw parties on their birthdays, leading the truth and dare sections and the devil’ mail bag.

The truth is, I have got some real opportunities to lose the virginity ‘treasure’, but right when everything will just be about to happen, I remember how much of mama’s good boy I really am. Sometimes, there is no protection. That should not be a problem you would think. Yeah, it is not, just that I haven’t got myself ready for the sex issue.

But it happened…

I would say it was law of attraction getting me what I wanted. With the plenty ‘yabs’ I get from my peeps, I started thinking so much of rolling into bed with just any girl at all as my girlfriend isn’t ready for sex yet. First, I started getting close to a girl whom I hoped to experiment with. Second, I got me some condoms and lubes. Then, the opportunity played out.

Thanks to my ‘Communication Research’ lecturer and his love for marathon classes. It was on a Tuesday, I came back from school by 6:30pm from a lecture that began by 8:30am. Wondering how truthful this is, you can ask any of my coursemates. I came back from school very tired; ate some pop corn I got on my way back from school; drank a bottle of ‘smoov chapman’; pulled my shirt; undid my belt and dived to my bed.

I woke at exactly 10:13pm feeling very hungry. I went to my kitchen to make some noodles, but couldn’t find my gas stove. I hurried to Nekky’s room to collect the gas stove I had borrowed her earlier in the morning before I went to school. I knocked twice on Nekky’s door, but there was no response, so I pushed the door, it opened.

On the bed was a wet big purple towel and there was Nekky completely stark selecting clothes from the wardrobe. I did the first thing my mind said I should do at the sight of her fine, well taken care of skin that was more tempting than those of the popular models and porn stars.

I walked close to where she was. I held her waist and she startled and turned instantly making her bosom press against my chest. I held her waist and could feel her very soft ass, I scanned her smiling, noticing some beauty that dressing up in good clothes covers. She was charming and good to behold naked.

I planted a kiss on her lips which she resisted trying to push me off. But I kissed her harder, massaging her soft ass and her boobs at the same time until she melted under my touch and kisses moaning gently. She was a good kisser and I enjoyed every bit of the foreplay. Before long, I pulled her to the bed, hurriedly got off my singlets and my trousers and my boxers. The thought of being my mama’s good boy never crossed my mind. She had condom, so protection wasn’t an issue.

The rest I’m sure you know is ‘herstory’.  


  1. Yea... I suppose you have told your own part into to. what a memorable night...
    there's always a first day. fun filled moment.

    1. Sure...there is always a first time. Fun filled moments indeed. Thanks.